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My Website

Snarky-pants: Mom, after dinner can I buy computer? I want to go to

Lumpy: I have a website.

Mom: Really, what’s it like?

Lumpy: It’s on my wall, in my room.

Snarky-pants: Is it a cool website?

Lumpy: Yea, it has the badger badger and bannanaphone.

Lumpy: It has a movie too. The one with the happy guy and the bad guy.

Mom: Why’s it on your wall?

Lumpy: It’s not like your computer.

Mom: So you have a computer on your wall?

Lumy: So my (teddy) bears can watch it.

Snarky-pants: So do I get computer, or what?

Skeezix: I want computer too.

Snarky-pants: I asked first!

Skeezix: Get off of me!


Are there French Vikings?

Snarky-pants: Are there French Vikings?

Princess know-it-all: They invaded England a long time ago, their King was called Willim.

Princess know-it-all: They made this tapestry about how they invaded England.

Skeezix: What’s on the tapestry?

Snarky-pants: pictures, you idiot.

Skeezix: Don’t they have special horn hats so they can headbut people?

Princess know-it-all: Vikings didn’t wear horns, they’re this big (holds hands as wide as she can above her head), you’d keel over from the weight.

Princess know-it-all: It comes from the opera. Only vikings priests wore them for ceremonial purposes. When someone made an opera they found these drawings of Viking priests with wings and horns, and gave them all them. (editors’ note: this was acually a 20 minute dissertation, but we’ve trimmed it down for your convienence….)

Snarky-pants: Every Viking has horns!

Princess know-it-all: It’s just a pop-culture thing! How would you even put horns on a helmet?

Snarky-pants: They fastened them on with screws!

We don’t know if they are french, but they’re definitely Vikings – they have horns on their hats: