My Website

Snarky-pants: Mom, after dinner can I buy computer? I want to go to

Lumpy: I have a website.

Mom: Really, what’s it like?

Lumpy: It’s on my wall, in my room.

Snarky-pants: Is it a cool website?

Lumpy: Yea, it has the badger badger and bannanaphone.

Lumpy: It has a movie too. The one with the happy guy and the bad guy.

Mom: Why’s it on your wall?

Lumpy: It’s not like your computer.

Mom: So you have a computer on your wall?

Lumy: So my (teddy) bears can watch it.

Snarky-pants: So do I get computer, or what?

Skeezix: I want computer too.

Snarky-pants: I asked first!

Skeezix: Get off of me!


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