Liar vs. Lyre

Lumpy: Mom, I’m not feeling good.
Mom: What hurts?
Lumpy: My tummy hurts, and I have a fever.
Mom: oh, really?
Lumpy: yes, I think I need to watch another movie.
Mom: No, you already watched tv today.
Lumpy: But you let Skeezix watch a movie when he had a tummy ache and a fever!
Mom: do you really have a tummy ache?
Lumpy: No, I just want to watch a movie!
Mom: So you just lied! Don’t be a liar!
Lumpy (upset now): Don’t call me a lyre! A lyre is a magical instrument! (Remember, he is three years old.)
Mom: When you tell things that aren’t true, that is a lie. A person who tells lies is a liar.  Lumpy, have you been telling me lies?
Lumpy: Yes.
Mom: Then why should I let you watch a movie?
Lumpy: Because I’m a really good boy!
(I let him watch a movie. He is a really good boy.)


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