Getting Down

Princess Know-It-All: May I be excused?

Mom: Sure

(Exit Princess Know-It-All, Stage Right)

Sounds of something falling down the stairs

Mom: Are you allright down there?

Princess Know-It-All: Yes, I just slipped on the stairs.

Snarky-Pants: Yea, I always fall on those stairs, they’re too round. They shouldn’t be allowed!

Snarky-Pants: We should get an elevator, the stairs are right over my closet, we just could cut a hole and slide it in. Or a fireman pole, that would be cool!

Dad: Yea, we’ll get right on that… Only we should put in a secret door where you need to pull on Beefoven’s head first.

Skeezix: Who’s Beefoven?

(Editor’s Note: Princess Know-It-All was lying in a heap at the bottom of the stairs, or she would have surely pointed out that it was a bust of William Shakespeare, not Beefoven.)


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